Vancouver TV Commercial - Express Pardons Video

Vancouver TV Commercial - Express Pardons Video

(TV Commercial)

Vancouver company Express Pardons offers a unique service: a pardon for people who have had a criminal record for some time and have already paid their debt to society.

EP needed TV commercials produced that would focus on how their pardon service would help clear obstacles to educational plans, travel, and career options.

They hired Pacific Producers Group to collaborate on the script, cast actors, choose locations, shoot, provide voice-over, score the music, produce the graphics, and edit the entire package, for delivery booked for national broadcast. In addition to the three 15's and three 30's, PPG is working on their online corporate video, and their Canpages video advertising.

Three trivia facts about this production: the actor in our "Student" video also appears in the comedic TV commercial we produced for Richmond Chrysler, one of the commercials was shot on the Canon 7D DSLR camera (can you guess which one?), and the plane that appears in this video's clip was composited from a completely different take!

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