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Using Human Resources departments and company managers to train each new employee is redundant and terribly inefficient. Why not use video to train new employees or update current ones on new company policies or safety initiatives?

Minimize employee error and work-related accidents by letting Pacific Producers Group create a training video that delivers complete and correct standards and procedures 100 percent of the time - and in a medium that is infinitely repeatable!

We can also duplicate any amount of Blu-Rays or DVDs so that copies can be taken home by your staff, or the training videos can be hosted and streamed from your company server or website.

If you experience a high turnover rate, or your field is one that requires strict adherence to safety standards, video is a great way to streamline your training: it's a win-win solution.

Video can also be used to present a tour of your facilities, a breakdown of your departments and their functions, and to show your company at work. It can be on public display in your building's reception area, as part of an employee orientation, as the backbone of a presentation to franchisees, or even as a company morale booster during an annual meeting.

Get your Employee Training & Orientation Video started today!

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