Video Gets Results

Video gets results, pure and simple.

More and more clients are realizing that they need to establish trust with visitors to their website quickly. A client testimonial, which is a great tool to build trust and loyalty, works infinitely better as a video than text on your website.

A recent article on ReelSEO’s site (reelseo(dot)com) cites studies that show a web visitor will stay on your website an average of 10 seconds before going elsewhere. That's not a lot of time to tell your story. So here's the question: 

You could be spend gobs of money on SEO, but once visitors are there, do they have a compelling reason to stay?

However, the article goes on to mention that a site that has a video viewable on its home page will keep a visitor staying for 100 seconds before going elsewhere. That’s ten times as much sales content and info that’s being consumed – in other words, a video is ten times better value in terms of bang for the buck.

Video can be an excellent way to boost sales, win competitive bids, and push fence-sitters over to your company. What might such a video look like?

Case in point: PPG shot and edited material for Whistler's The Adventure Group (watch the video on our Youtube feed HERE) which provides whitewater rafting, ATV'ing, zip line and adventure courses for Whistler tourists. TAG's new videos will be used as web and email-based sales and promotional tools by their staff. If you were to read text-based testimonials on their site, you’d only be witness to half of the genuine emotion and thrill that the videos captur -- never mind that the cutaway footage of the people on these adventures is compelling and exciting in itself! These videos capture the just-off-the-ride excitement and satisfaction of TAG’s clients.

And, hey! Leanne, the on-camera host, makes it immediately applicable to the viewer: “If you’re watching this video, it’s because…” – and the interviewees are drawn from a variety of demographics: whether you’re a fifty-something female, young family, or adventure-seeking male, you’ll love your experience on one or all of TAG’s adventures.

TAG will use this and other testimonial videos as a way to secure potentially interested clients who’ve phoned in, and as an email sales tool.

We've created similar videos for Freedom Health Studio, a fitness company in West Vancouver (see the videos on their Youtube page -- you can do a search on Youtube for "Freedom Health Studios"). How else are people going to decide which of the many competing fitness clubs are going to get their business? Easy. By identifying with one of their customers. A potential client wants to see themselves in the interviewee's shoes. If that person is like you, and they love the company they're doing business with, chances are you will too.

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